Terms & Conditions for cashback offer participation

By participating in a "cashback" promotion, you agree to the following terms:

1. Use of the link provided

In order for a cashback claim to be awarded or paid out, you must visit the corresponding shop using the link provided by us. Do not browse or visit other deal or coupon sites between activating your claim and completing your purchase. Doing so may disrupt the tracking process of your transaction and invalidate your claim.

Why is this necessary? The process of clicking the unique tracking link for your cashback claim is the only method for the shop to verify that your transaction originated from us. Once confirmed through this tracking, the shop will pay us a small commission, which allows us to pay out the cashback. If we determine that you did not make your purchase using the specified link, or visited any other websites before completing your transaction, unfortunately, your claim will be declined.

2. Minimum order value

To be eligible for cashback, your purchase must meet the appropriate minimum order value displayed. This can always be found under the redemption conditions before you first activate a cashback offer.

If your purchase does not meet or exceed the specified minimum order value, unfortunately, your claim will be declined. If, after the return of any items in your original purchase, the final order value does not meet or exceed the specified minimum order amount, the cashback claim is deemed will be deemed invalid and declined.

The total amount spent is calculated after all other discounts, sales, and/or coupon codes have been applied and does not include shipping costs or other charges.

3. Payment via PayPal

The amount shown on your activated cashback offer will be paid directly into the PayPal account specified when uploading your order details.

Payment will be made to your indicated PayPal address once a shop confirms that your order was placed via us. This generally takes 5-10 working days after your order details have been uploaded.

PARTNER NAME assumes no responsibility of any lost or stolen cashback or for any cashback paid to an incorrect PayPal account through no fault of PARTNER NAME (e.g. a spelling error or other mistake). We are unable to correct or alter any PayPal addresses that have already been submitted as part of the cashback claim process.

Webgears Cashback is not liable for any denied, blocked or otherwise returned payments from your PayPal account. In the above cases, you must contact PayPal support for assistance in receiving the attempted cashback payment. At the complete discretion of Webgears Cashback, a second attempt to complete the transfer may be made in select exceptional cases. If payment to your PayPal account is not possible after two (2) attempts, your cashback payment will be forfeited and the claim will be deemed invalid.

The promoted cashback is not a guaranteed value to be paid to your PayPal account, due to fees and costs incurred by PayPal. Whilst we take great efforts to assume these costs by transferring a higher amount than the promoted cashback, PayPal reserve the right to update their Terms and Conditions, along with associated costs without warning, which may have an effect on the amount which you receive in your PayPal account. Webgears Cashback does not take any responsibility for any difference to the received funds due to these adjustments.

Should you not have a PayPal account with USD ($) as the standard currency, it is possible that higher fees are incurred and a lower value is received. All transfers are based on fees and costs associated with USD accounts and any differences due to foreign currency transfer fees are not the responsibility of Webgears Cashback.

4. Other methods of payout

Unfortunately, other methods of payment, besides PayPal are currently not available and therefore cannot be validated.

5. Restrictions on the promotion

There is a limit of 200 cashback payments for each online offer. This means that once 200 people have already redeemed their cashback, no further payments will be made for that promotion. The promotion ends on the date specified or once all available cashback have been claimed. At that point, the offer will be removed from the site and no more activations will be possible.


  • Each order number may only be submitted once. Any misuse or duplication of an order number for more than one cashback claim will be cause for those claims to be declined.
  • Cashback offers are not valid in conjunction with any other cashback promotion or in combination with any coupon code.
  • Qualifying purchases must be completed, and order details must be uploaded within 10 calendar days of activating an offer.
  • A personal link for uploading order details is sent to the provided email address and is only valid for 10 days. Once this time period passes, the link is no longer valid and a cashback claim will expire and can no longer be redeemed.
  • All purchases must also occur before the expiry date of the promotion. The end of the promotion is shown with each relevant cashback offer.
  • Every user (*) is limited to a maximum of $100 total cashback value each 30 day period. All valid cashback claims made by a user that exceed this value within the indicated time period will be marked invalid and cannot be redeemed.
  • Cashback claims are valid for purchases in participating online shops exclusively. Orders placed via app cannot be processed.

* A "user" is defined as both a unique device and a unique email address used to access our site to activate and redeem a cashback offer.

6. Returns

A cashback claim is deemed invalid (and will be declined) if a purchase was cancelled or if, after the return of any items in your original purchase, the final order value does not meet or exceed the specified minimum order amount. Webgears Cashback reserves the right to request the return of any payments already made, if goods purchased have been cancelled or returned.

7. Excluded product categories

It is possible that some categories or brands may not count towards the minimum order value. Of course, you can still order items from these categories or brands, but they will not be factored in when calculating your total order value. Only valid categories of products will count towards the minimum order value. Any excluded categories will be clearly indicated in the unique Terms and Conditions listed below each cashback offer.

The purchase of gift cards or eGift vouchers is excluded from the calculation of the total order value. Whilst you may redeem gift vouchers, the value of these will not be included as part of the minimum order value specified. Additionally, any delivery charges or shipping fees are NOT included in the calculation of the total order value.

8. Participation

  • Participation in one of our cashback offer is only available to users of at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States.
  • Any decision on the fulfilment of all conditions required for a valid cashback claim is made at the sole discretion of Webgears Cashback.
  • It is possible, dependent on applicable tax laws, that you are liable for taxation on any cashback issued to you. You are solely responsible for all tax liabilities arising from receipt of any cashback.
  • All information collated from participants is subject to the Privacy Policy operated by Webgears Cashback.
  • By activating a cashback offer, you consent that your submitted email address may be used for future periodic newsletter communications. If you would like to opt out of these communications, please email US.support@webgears-group.com with your request or unsubscribe directly through any past email communications.
  • Any submitted email addresses and/or data from order confirmations will not be provided to any third parties. This information will only be used internally by us for processing your claim, as well as for communication and payments via PayPal.
  • All Terms and Conditions of participation are subject to American law.

9. Liability

  • Participation in our cashback program does not give rise to any contractual relationship between the user and the partner companies.
  • Webgears Cashback is not acting as a representative for the partner companies.
  • Contracts arising as part of any purchases from partner companies are concluded between the user and the partner company exclusively.
  • Webgears Cashback consequently also assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of information provided by its partner companies.
  • The relevant partner company is solely responsible for the availability, the correct dispatch and the freedom from defects of the partner company’s products, as well as for the billing of these.
  • Webgears Cashback assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of websites accessed directly or indirectly (links).
  • As we have no influence on the content and appearance of external websites, Webgears Cashback expressly distances itself from the content of these sites and takes no ownership of their content. The providers of the relevant websites are solely responsible for the content.

Final provisions

We reserve the right to suspend or amend the cashback promotion, either in full or in part at any time. This will occur if, in our judgement, its correct operation is compromised by fraud, technical problems, human error or other factors.

We further reserve the right to exclude any person from participating who manipulates the process or violates the terms and conditions. The user has an obligation not to conduct misuse or fraud on their account or to damage us in any way by this use.

If you have any further questions about cashback promotions posted on Webgears Cashback, please email: US.support@webgears-group.com.